CT-Igel Accessories

CactuX is a supplier of CT hedgehogs and other items by startup company CT-Igel. The main product is a fixation device for CT samples. This fixation device offers considerable advantages over conventional fixation devices for somewhat larger samples. 

All the products are compatible with the Main Accessories of CactuX. If you are interested in purchasing one of the CT fixation devices, contact us.

CT-Igel S – CT hedgehogs

Diameter 54 mm – Art.-Nr. 10251

Diameter 75 mm – Art.-Nr. 10201

Diameter 150 mm – Art.-Nr. 10301

CT hedgehogs allow positioning of larger components (about 10 – 200 mm) in a simple, flexible, safe, fast way, without adhesive materials. The underside equipped with magnets,
allow easy positioning on magnetic disks. Suitable for most foamed materials, such as B. Styrofoam, Styrodur and CT plates 3. 

CT-Igel K – CT hedgehogs K

Diameter 54 mm – Art.-Nr. 10551

Diameter 75 mm – Art.-Nr. 10501

Diameter 150 mm – Art.-Nr. 10503

The “CT-hedgehogs K” allow a safe and flexible use of the CT-foam. Due to the low density of the plastic mandrels, the samples to be examined can be positioned on the CT foam near the mandrels. Too high build up leads to foam instability and it can cause shaking. CT-Igel K
with magnetic base with conical plastic pins, for safe recording of the sample carrier made of CT foam.

CT Igel DS and DK – Holding mandrel with steel/plastic pins + magnet

Steel pins, length 60 mm – Art.-Nr. 10426

Steel pins, length 80 mm – Art.-Nr. 10428

Plastic pins, lenght 80 mm – Art.-Nr. 10438

CT-Igel_Haldedorne allow positioning of small components (about 1-10 mm) to a simple, flexible, secure, fast fashion, without adhesive materials.

CT-Igel is compatible CactuX accessories


Motorized xy sample stage for μCT stations for quick sample mounting and easy sample centering respect to the X-ray tube. SaguaroX is controlled wirelessly from outside of the CT cabinet.