Essential Toolkit NANO

All tools necessary for nano CT sample preparation in one place.

Essential toolkit NANO

A set of tools for nano CT measurement sample preparation.

Basic information

Complete set of all necessary tools for nano CT sample preparation.

  • Contains quality step rods, tailpieces, scalpel, needles, tweezers, scissors, glue, and other tools.
  • Suited for working with various sample types, ranging from firm to powdery; to be used for fixating, slicing, manipulating, or holding samples, and for a flexible and strong fixation. 
  • Completed by a team of experienced CT-lab technicians.
  • By purchasing the kit, you will acquire all the necessary tools, all at once and without the need of buying them from different sources. When buying a new nano CT, the kit also solves the issue of identifying the essential tools used for the sample preparation.
  • As it is packed in a design box, it may serve as a practical and unique business gift.

All tools necessary for nano CT sample preparation in one place.

The toolkit contains all essential tools for preparation of CT measurement samples.


  • Standard rods, 3pcs.
  • Specialized rods (Step-rod, 1pc., Narrowed rods, 2pcs.)
  • Tailpieces, 3 pcs.
  • Sample attachment (Double-sided tape, 1 pc., Superglue, 2 pcs., Dental wax, 1pc.)
  • Sample insulation (Kapton tubes, 2 pcs.)
  • Other instruments (Scaplel, 1 pc., Spare blades, 5 pcs., Tweezers, 1 pc., Scissors, 1 pc., Preparation needle, 1 pc.)


To get a better idea of the specific tools, here Technical parameters to go through.


Standard rods
Description Diameter (mm) Quantity
Cylindrical-shaped metallic holders for the mos sample’s types. Length = 55 mm 1.5 1
3.0 1
5.0 1
Specialized rods
Description Tool type Diameter (mm) Quantity
Specially-shaped metallic holders compatible with Kapton tubes or allowing easy attachment of long, thin samples. Lenght = 55 mm Step-rod 3.0 1
Narrowed rod

1.0 (top)

1.5 (bottom)

Narrowed rod

2.0 (top)

3.0 (bottom)

Description Diameter (mm) Quantity
For holding cylindrical standard or specialized rods. 1.5 1
3.0 1
5.0 1
Sample attachment
Description Tool type Quantity
Tools allowing flexible or strong fixation Double-sided tape 1
Superglue 1
Dental wax 1
Sample insulation
Description Diameter (mm) Quantity
Tubing tools for powdery or fragile samples preparation and their insulation from airflows in measurement chamber. Length = 5 mm 1.0 1
2.0 1
Other instruments
Description Tool type Quantity
For sample’s slicing and manipulation Scalpel 1
Spare blades 5
Tweezers 1
Scissors 1
Preparation needle 1


1 + 13 =


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