Essential Toolkit NANO

All tools for nano CT sample preparation in one place.

Essential Toolkit NANO

A set of tools for nano CT measurement sample preparation.

All tools necessary for nano CT sample preparation in one place.

Completed by a team of experienced CT-lab technicians, the toolkit is suited for working with various sample types, ranging from firm to powdery; to be used for fixating, slicing, manipulating or holding samples, and for flexible and strong fixation.

By purchasing the kit, you acquire all the necessary tools, all at once and without the need of buying them from different sources. When buying a new nano CT, the kit also solves the issue of identifying the essential tools used for the sample preparation.

The toolkit may serve as an practical yet unique business gift.

Content of the Standard Package

The toolkit contains all essential tools for preparation of CT measurement samples.

  • Standard rods, 3pcs.
  • Specialized rods (Step-rod, 1pc., Narrowed rods, 2pcs.)
  • Tailpieces, 3 pcs.
  • Sample attachment (Double-sided tape, 1 pc., Superglue, 2 pcs., Dental wax, 1pc.)
  • Sample insulation (Kapton tubes, 2 pcs.)
  • Other instruments (Scaplel, 1 pc., Spare blades, 5 pcs., Tweezers, 1 pc., Scissors, 1 pc., Preparation needle, 1 pc.)
Technical parameters

To get a better idea of the specific tools, here Technical parameters to go through.

Standard rods
Description Diameter (mm) Quantity
Cylindrical-shaped metallic holders for the mos sample’s types. Length = 55 mm 1.5 1
3.0 1
5.0 1
Specialized rods
Description Tool type Diameter (mm) Quantity
Specially-shaped metallic holders compatible with Kapton tubes or allowing easy attachment of long, thin samples. Lenght = 55 mm Step-rod 3.0 1
Narrowed rod

1.0 (top)

1.5 (bottom)

Narrowed rod

2.0 (top)

3.0 (bottom)

Description Diameter (mm) Quantity
For holding cylindrical standard or specialized rods. 1.5 1
3.0 1
5.0 1
Sample attachment
Description Tool type Quantity
Tools allowing flexible or strong fixation Double-sided tape 1
Superglue 1
Dental wax 1
Sample insulation
Description Diameter (mm) Quantity
Tubing tools for powdery or fragile samples preparation and their insulation from airflows in measurement chamber. Length = 5 mm 1.0 1
2.0 1
Other instruments
Description Tool type Quantity
For sample’s slicing and manipulation Scalpel 1
Spare blades 5
Tweezers 1
Scissors 1
Preparation needle 1

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