CactuX s.r.o. is developing and producing addons for industrial and laboratory X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) systems and offers the services of CT expertise.

Our products

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Sample Positioning

Wireless motorized stages
Rigid bases
Magnetic addons
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Sample preparation
Complete set of tools for nano CT sample preparation
CT Hedgehogs

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CT phantoms

Nano & micro CT system calibration and artifacts reduction phantoms
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CT Service

Nano & micro CT measurement and analysis of your samples

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From our customers

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Norwegian University of Sciences and Technology logo
“the best solution I have seen for centering CT samples”

Staff Engineer J. Rostad

Department of Geoscience and Petroleum NTNU

Bosch Logo
“rock-solid fixing for samples of variant shapes and sizes”

Laboratory of Computed Tomography

Robert Bosch GMBH, České Budějovice

Earth Science Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences Logo
“excellent tool that saves a lot of work time and energy”

Earth Science Institute

Slovak Academy of Sciences

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CactuX has an Advisory Board with a new member, Martin Zadražil.
CactuX was established in 2020 and, since then, has experienced a growth trajectory. Today we would like to share the news that is and in the future will influence the further development of the company.  At the start of this year, we took a strategic decision to...
Review on SaguaroX by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
The CT laboratory of the Department of Geoscience and Petroleum (IGP) in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) purchased our product translation stage SaguaroX S in autumn 2022 after trying our demo testing option. The IGP's leading research aims...
CactuX team visit at Control Messe 2023 in Stuttgart
The Control Trade Fair 2023 in Stuttgart has just concluded, and we are thrilled to have been a part of this prestigious event. It was a fantastic opportunity for CactuX to showcase our latest products and technologies in the field of Quality Assurance.Our team was...
CactuX and IMT Technologies & Solutions partnership
Our company has recently partnered with IMT Technologies and Solutions s.r.o., a fast-growing company that specializesin providing solutions in industrial automation, SMT inspection, e-mobility, and non-destructive testing (NDT). We have chosen IMT to represent us as...