CactuX s.r.o. is developing and producing addons for industrial and laboratory X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) systems and offers the services of CT expertise.


Sample Positioning

Wireless motorized stages
Rigid bases
Magnetic addons
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Sample preparation
Complete set of tools for nano CT sample preparation
CT Hedgehogs

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CT Phantoms

Nano & micro CT system calibration and artifacts reduction phantoms

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Enhance your submicron CT precision
Conducting measurements via Computed Tomography (CT) imaging, especially nanoCT does not come easily. There are many factors influencing a CT measurement causing measurement uncertainty, and they are challenging to overcome. To achieve accurate precision results and...
MicroCT Sample Positioning Made Simple
X-ray Computed Tomography, also known as CT scanning, is a powerful tool used in both industrial and laboratory or medical settings for NDT (non-destructive testing) and analysis. It enables the creation of detailed 3D images of a sample by using X-rays to scan it...
CactuX has introduced Essential Toolkit NANO for laboratories conducting nano CT analysis
Figuring out a product that you could bring to a customer and help him in his field, especially if the field is the laboratory and industrial nano computed tomography (CT), might be a challenge for some companies. That is why learning your customer’s pain first and...
We attended the Electronica 2022 trade fair!
This week we attended the Electronica 2022 Trade Fair in Munich! We have seen many interesting projects and made the acquaintance of many representatives from companies focused on X-ray CT, automotive and battery development and production. Impressive company stands,...
Free of charge testing of our wireless CT translation stages SaguaroX for 1 – 2 weeks
If interested in 1 – 2 weeks free of change testing of our wireless CT translations stages SaguaroX or Phantoms, contact us! To make use of this opportunity or to ask any other questions, contact Alena Hanzelková, Business Development Manager. The subject of testing...
We will be attending the Electronica 2022 in Munich next week!
We will be attending the Electronica 2022 in Munich next week!🌵 The electronicaFair is the world’s leading trade fair and conference for electronics, taking place on November 15–18 2022 in Munich, Germany. Representing us there will be CactuX’s CTO, Jakub Šalplachta,...