Motorized xy translation stage for μCT stations for quick sample mounting and easy sample centering respect to the X-ray tube. SaguaroX is controlled wirelessly from outside of the CT cabinet.


Minutes saved every day

Working days saved per year

Months estimated return



allows 360° rotation

10 cm travel

in x, y axes

15 kg

maximum load


size and wireless control

Quick and easy

sample mounting

4.5 h

continual adjustment time



Standard delivery consists of SaguaroX – xy translation stage, Radio transmitter, control software Arizona, Mandrel adn Desktop Stand, Magnetic set of Adapters and Steel Plate. The User manual is part of the package. The main accessories will help you to measure the easier handling of SaguaroX – check out the options.


XY Translation stage is placed inside of the CT cabinet using Mandrel. 

Radio transmitter

Radio transmitter provides communication between Arizona and SaguaroX. Transmitter is placed inside the shielding cabinet of the CT machine.


Software allows you to control SaguaroX without the need for additional controllers. If you prefer joystick, check out the main accessories bellow.

Mandrel + Desktop Stand

Mandrel allows easy placement of SaguaroX in the chuck of the shielding cabinet of the CT machine. We recommend purchasing a desktop stand. Desktop Stand is a stand to place the SaguaroX on during charging while the mandrel is attached to it.

Magnetic set of adapters

Plastic Adapters are designed to place the sample closer to the tube. Various types of adaptes help us to increase samples‘ mounting variability. It allows even the smallest samples to be mounted and adjusted close to the X-Ray source. 


Steel Plate

Steel Plate is for a sample heavier than 10 kg, The Steel Plate is attached to the SaguaroX with screws and the sample is placed in the marked circle in the  Steel Plate.


Main Accessories

Main Accessories are Basic or Magnetic set of adapters for sample placement and Joystick for control if you prefer it to software.

CT-Igel Accessories

Company CT-Igel produces fixation device for CT samples. This fixation device offers considerable advantages over conventional fixation devices for somewhat larger samples.