Magnetic Addons

We offer non-motorized CT sample placement solutions to make your measuring process more convenient and time-effective

CT Hedgehogs

tools for stable but flexible fixation of the foam holders of the samples
CT Igel sample manipulation hedgehog 150 mm

Magnetic adapters

for sample placement with metal scales
magnetic adapters for sample placement 50mm

Rod holder

for holding cylindrical samples

Rod holder

CT Hedgehogs

Tools for stable but flexible fixation of the foam holders of the samples during CT analysis.

This fixation tool offers considerable advantages over conventional fixation devices for somewhat larger samples.

Main benefits

  • Magnetic
  • Easy fixation device
  • Compatible with Magnetic Adapters
CT-Igel S

CT hedgehogs S allow positioning of larger components (about 10-200 mm) in a simple, flexible, safe, fast way, without adhesive materials. The underside equipped with magnets, allows easy positioning on magetic discs. Suitable for most foamed materials, such as B. Styrofoam, Styrodur and CT plates 3.


  • Diameter 54 mm – Art.-Nr. B0006
  • Diameter 75 mm – Art.-Nr. B0007
  • Diameter 150 mm – Art.-Nr. B0008
CT Igel DS

Holding mandrel with steel pins and magnetic bottom

CT-Igel_Haltedorn allow positioning of small components (about 1-10 mm) to a simple, flexible, secure, fast fashion, without adhesive materials.


  • Steel pins, length 80 mm – Art.-Nr. B0009

Magnetic Adapters

Magnetic adapters for sample placement with metal scales

Magnetic adapters for sample placement are compatible accessories for both SaguaroX series and OpuntiaX. On tops, they have metal scales to be maintained easily and consistent with magnetic elements such as hedgehogs.

Main benefits

  • Magnetic
  • Metal scales on top
  • Compatible with CT Hedgehogs
  • Diameter 20 mm and additional D20 Top – Art.-Nr. A0008 
  • Diameter 50 mm – Art.-Nr. A0009
  • Diameter 150 mm – Art.-Nr. A0010

Rod Holder

A tool for holding cylindrical samples

Rod holder is compatible with cylindrical samples with diameters from 1 to 10 mm. It also has a magnetizing bottom part for attachment to the base.

Main benefits

  • Magnetic bottom
  • For samples with diameters from 1 to 10 mm

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