We value our customers 

  • so we continuously analyse the market and search for solutions for their needs,
  • so we adapt our working methods and improve our products and services based on their needs,
  • so we comply with high quality standards and insist on profound monitoring of excellence of our products.

We are devoted to our company

  • so we create empowering environment and possibilities for personal improvement for all employees,
  • so, yes we follow all the legal requirements,
  • so we are committed to improve constantly, through all possible source, including the ISO 9001 standard,
  • so we are eager to continue to shape up the quality management system.

 Besides we

  • are determined to contribute significantly to technology transfer from universities and set an example for other researchers (not only) from the Czech Republic,
  • give equal opportunities (see gender equality plan) to students and young professionals because we want to raise a new generations of responsible and highly skilled engineers and keep the young spirit,
  • care about working according to a comprehensive and complex strategy towards a sustainable future including all  environmental, economical and social aspects.

On behalf of CactuX, Executive director Jakub Šalplachta