In July 2020 we received a grant Prototypuj a ověřuj from JIC. We are very proud to tell you that we succeeded, we managed to fulfill all the set goals – we finalized the functional sample of the manipulator and now it is fully ready to enter the market. Moreover, with the hours of consultation with experts and consultants from JIC, we also evolved as a company and as people. 

As part of the Prototypuj a ověřuj (To Prototype and Verify)  grant, our primary goal was to create a prototype ready for commercialization and piece sale from a functional sample, which we licensed from CEITEC BUT. It was primarily the technical development of the prototype and its inclusion in the company’s portfolio. Secondly, we focused on building a network of potential customers.

During the project, we managed to achieve all the set goals. As part of the technical development, we tested the functional sample of the manipulator with two industrial partners, from whom we received a positive response and at the same time constructive feedback. The next step for us was the evaluation and application of feedback and subsequent modification of the functional sample to the final prototype. As part of these modifications, we created the Arizona control software, increased the overall load capacity of the device, modified the design, and explored the possibilities of optimizing individual components to reduce the overall price of the final product. Subsequently, we focused on the inclusion of the manipulator in the company’s portfolio, preparation of instructions, product, and technical documentation, and the necessary certification. The result is a complete manual in English and Czech.

Since part of the grant was also consultations with experts and lecturers provided by JIC on specific topics, we had regular consultations to receive feedback, consult the functioning of the company, or discuss any problems which we had to face during the last half-year. We would like to thank JIC for this unique environment and space to share and evolve. CactuX grew a lot during last year not just because of the pandemic situation but mostly because of JIC and all the challenges we had to face. We are now ready to face any challenge which might come and motivated to henceforward continue to ease the CT analysis.