This year we connected with TEC Eurolab (Italy), an industrial laboratory for materials analysis, and a Center of excellence for laboratory test and non-destructive testing, training and certification.
TEC Eurolab kindly agreed to cooperate on longer-term commercial testing of SaguaroX M, our motorized translation stage for quick mounting and fine centring of the CT samples, and to provide feedback on its experience with longer-term application.
The SaguaroX M motorized stage saves 0.5 working hour per day and 15.5 working days per year. Our estimation of return of the investment is 6 months.
Contact our Salesperson and Business Development Manager Alena Hanzelková in case of interest in testing or purchasing of any of our three SaguaroX variants with maximum load up to 7 kg, 15 kg and 30 kg, CT phantoms or other nanoCT and microCT accessories.