3D X-ray Computed tomography service

For those interested in non-destructive analysis of their parts without owning a CT system, we offer a cost-effective solution. Gain deep insights into internal structures of your sample through our micro and nano CT technology.

X-ray computed tomography (CT) is the best option for research and industrial quality control, catering to both R&D and quality assessment. Without damaging or altering your sample, we are able to examine intricate components and details that may not be visible through traditional methods. We’re here to make CT analysis a reality for your advancement.

Advantages of our Expertise


precise technology

ISO 9001 certified company


experienced team

analysis according to industrial standards


variety of CT scanners

customer-oriented solution

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Our services

Wall thickness analysis

Accurately measure and visualize material thickness variations to optimize designs and ensure manufacturing excellence.

Welding / assembly inspection

Visualise potential defects, misalignments in intricate assemblies or incomplete welds to maintain the highest quality standards, and enhance the safety, reliability, and durability of your part.

Battery analysis

Gain valuable insights into your battery through multiple analyses, such as overhang analysis, defects/porosity visualization, foreign particles analysis, assembly/welding control or in-situ studies.

Dimensions measurement

Accurately measure and validate critical dimensions of your parts to ensure the product manufacturing quality and accuracy.

Actual/nominal comparison

Detect deviations between the manufactured components and their CAD models or second volume datasets, enabling timely adjustments and quality control measures for optimal product outcomes.

Inner defects / porosity analysis

Uncover the invisible flaws within your parts through CT-based porosity and inclusion analysis. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the structural integrity, ensuring enhanced quality and preventing failure.

Fibre orientation analysis

Obtain precise data on fibre directionality, alignment, and concentration. With detailed insights into fibre orientation, you can make informed decisions to optimize material properties and enhance durability.

Reverse engineering

Seamlessly convert physical objects into digital models, unlocking endless possibilities for design refinement, replication, and reimagining.


X-ray CT can be beneficial across a variety of industries supporting the development, quality, and reliability of your parts.

Battery manufactur.
Composite materials
And many more…

Our Possibilities

50 kg maximum weight of the sample


dimensions up to 500 mm × 800 mm


possible resolution 0.3 µm with Field of view min 0.7 mm x 0.9 mm

4 Steps are all it takes:



Contact our experts via e-mail or phone to discuss your application and needs, and we’ll design the best solution for your requirements.


Once the plan is designed, simply send us the part(s).


After delivery, we will measure your part(s) and perform analysis according to your needs.


We’ll return the part(s) and provide a complete analysis, images, and tables.

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CT principle

Industrial CT captures a series of X-ray images from different angles while the sample rotates around its axis. Subsequently using advanced reconstruction algorithms, it is possible to compute detailed cross-sectional slices. These slices together create a 3D digital volume.