The CT laboratory of the Department of Geoscience and Petroleum (IGP) in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) purchased our product translation stage SaguaroX S in autumn 2022 after trying our demo testing option. The IGP’s leading research aims to contribute to efficient and sustainable value creation based on geological resources, including using rocks to build tunnels for tunnels and caverns and securing a safer environment for people threatened by rock avalanches, landslides and other natural disasters. 

Thus in their CT laboratory, they are scanning large variations of sample sizes, primarily working with rock drill cores where the diameters range from 3 mm to 300 mm. In autumn 2022, they integrated into their CT analysis process SaguaroX S. After half a year of usage, the head engineer Jostein Røstad provided us with valuable feedback on the benefits they gained by utilizing this product:

  • Reduced acquisition time per sample
  • Enhanced quality of scan with better centring

“Our previous method for mounting samples was to use double-sided tape. We would turn on the X-rays to see which direction the sample needed to move, turn off the X-rays, open the door, move the sample on the tape, close the door, turn on the X-rays and repeat multiple times. This process could take up to an hour on difficult samples that needed a perfect centring. Now we have a perfect cantering for every scan and spend less than a minute to achieve it ” comments Jostein. He additionally mentions that this is particularly true for samples below a diameter of 20 mm. 

  • Reduced wear on CT device
  • Fewer scans where the sample has moved

“The opening and closing of the cabinet door no doubt was wearing on the interlock. The movement of samples on double-sided tape often resulted in students pushing the sample with forces way higher than the 15 kg the manipulator is supposed to handle. This also resulted in tension in the tape that would release during the acquisition and ruin a multiple-hour scan ” concludes Jostein.

Confirmation of the benefits and value of our products and having the chance to implement our customers’ feedback is crucial for us, and that’s why we would like to thank you for this feedback!