Although it has been available in our product portfolio for X months now, we haven’t had a chance to properly introduce our SaguaroX S yet.

After listening to our clients demands and feedback, we found a need for something smaller than our original motorized translation stage SaguaroX M. Even with smaller, more compact CT systems, there is a need for a solution, that enables the user, to mount and centre the sample, from the outside of the CT cabinet quickly and easily. A tool that fastens and automates CT sample positioning, centring and the CT analysis process as a whole.

Now, we modified our current product and came up with the SaguaroX S. Based on the same principal as SaguaroX M, it provides the same benefits for the user, such as that the tool is wireless and allows 360° rotation, quick & easy sample mounting and is of compact size and is controlled wirelessly. But as opposed to our original product, SaguaroX S is less than half the weight and therefore can be placed to different, smaller, and more compact CT systems. You can compare the product’s parameters below.

The stage can be controlled by Arizona software, or, upon request, via joystick, in case you prefer manual positioning.

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Benefits of SaguaroX S
SaguaroXS parameters
SaguaroXM parameters