Establishing a startup was a decision we made in order to enhance the technology transfer from our research group at CEITEC Brno University of Technology into the business world. CactuX aims to make the X-ray CT analysis more straightforward and effective. Since the establishment of the company, we have come a long way, full of hard work, important decisions, and a lot of learning in the business field. Thank you Svět průmyslu, it’s highly rewarding to be ranked among the TOP 10 Czech startups.

Big thank you belong to all of our colleagues, supporters, and fans of CactuX for their continuous help. Your help was a big motivation for launching and developing this start-up.  We are looking forward to its further work and products.

Below you can read the English translation of the article in the Czech magazine Svět průmyslu. [Svět průmyslu. Šumperk, 2021, (05). ISSN 1804-3925.].

The czech article translation: 

“Top 10 Czech start-ups

What is the motivation of the founders to create their own start-up? Above all, the need to implement your own ideas, the opportunity to be your master and the desire to achieve something. In the case of Czech startups, last year and the beginning of this year can be described as a period of convincing investments, large sales abroad and the overall emergence of new projects.

Here we present our Top 10:

CactuX s.r.o. is a start-up that develops and manufactures accessories for microCT devices. Their first product is a SaguaroX two-axis motorized manipulator designed specifically for positioning samples in a microCT instrument. Provides quick attachment and easy centering of the sample relative to the X-ray tube. CactuX was founded in March 2020 by researchers from the Laboratory of X-ray micro and nano computed tomography from CEITEC BUT, who have long-term experience with CT expertise.”